Our Functions

The following are the functions of the PHWC as cited in the Rivers State Water Sector Development Law 2012:

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[li]Control and manage all existing State-owned water and sewerage infrastructure and assets for public, agricultural, domestic, industrial and general purposes in its area of operation;[/li]
[li]Develop, manage, operate and maintain new water and waste/sewage infrastructure and assets for the purpose of providing wholesome, potable water for domestic consumption of the public, and water for commercial, industrial, scientific and other uses in its area of operation;[/li]
[li]Supply wholesome potable water to consumers in line with Regulations issued by the Commission based on the National Drinking Water Quality Standards (NDWQS) for water quality;[/li]
[li]Prepare plans for the development and maintenance of water supply services infrastructure in its areas of operation (referred to as the “Water and Sanitation Services Development Plans”), in consultation with the relevant authorities, stakeholders, and consumer groups;[/li]
[li]Identify and implement projects for the provision of water and sewage management services which may be undertaken with private sector participation after consultation with the relevant authorities and subject to the approval of the Governor;[/li]
[li]Enter into and monitor compliance with terms of agreements with the private sector for the performance of any of the functions that the Corporation may by law perform subject to the approval of the Governor and in accordance with the Rivers State Public Private Participation in Infrastructure Development Law No. 5 of 2009, and, the Rivers State Public Procurement Law No. 4 of 2008 and any other applicable Law;[/li]
[li]Ensure the supply of potable water in the State, either pursuant to project agreements with private participants, or by raising necessary funds through the capital market.[/li]
[li]Establish and implement proper accounting procedure for all of the assets and liabilities of the Corporation;[/li]
[li]Encourage from time to time the conduct of research for the purpose of carrying out the functions of the Corporation;[/li]
[li]Submit the result of such research to the Board, the Ministry responsible for water resources, and the Ministry for Environment for the utilization of same in the formulation of the State Policy relating to water supply and sewage, and water pollution control in the State;[/li]
[li]Authorize or delegate any officer, employee, servant or contractor of the Corporation to act as agent of the Corporation for any functions, services of facilities which may be exercised, performed or provided by the Corporation;[/li]
[li]Propose water and sewage management tariffs for the approval of the COMMISSION;[/li]
[li]Specify the terms and conditions of supply of water to the consumers based on Standards issued by the COMMISSION;[/li]
[li]Develop, maintain and beneficially exploit water resources, both natural and artificial for the purpose of carrying out her functions in accordance with this law;[/li]
[li]Provide data on water supply, sanitation, and hygiene-related matters for formulation of Policy;[/li]
[li]Recommend Regulations to the COMMISSION for the protection and preservation of the assets of the Corporation and water resources of the State;[/li]
[li]Promote the rational use of water resources and potable water;[/li]
[li]Conduct training and retraining of staff for skills development;[/li]
[li]Propose and charge a flat fee for water supply where provision for water supply is available subject to the approval of the COMMISSION[/li]
[li]Carry out any other activities that are expedient or necessary for the effective and efficient performance of its functions.[/li]
NB: COMMISSION here refers to Rivers State Water Services Regulatory Commission