Construction and Property Developers

The Developer Services Team is responsible for providing new water mains, new water service connections, and the upgrade and/or separation of existing water supplies.

Talk to our water Developer Services teams as soon as you start to think about developing a site. Early discussion can avoid potential delays later in the development process as we’ll check we can provide the water and wastewater services you need; when and where you need them.

Regardless of whether you are building a new house, extending your existing home, building retail, commercial, or industrial developments, or a new housing development, we will manage your application from first contact through to the completion of construction.

On these pages you’ll find a range of information, guidance notes and application forms for new, extension, and temporary connections to our mains.

PLEASE DO NOT undertake any construction works on your side of the property boundary until you have discussed your connection requirements with the Developer Services Team. This will help to prevent delays to your application and any unforeseen costs or further construction works should the wrong pipe be installed or the wrong route followed.

Developer Team Contact:


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